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Did you recently buy a new furnace? What should you do now? How do you take care of that new furnace to make sure it keeps running as efficiently as possible for years to come?

We are here to help. At we aim to help you learn why it is so important to take care of your investment. Your heating and cooling system accounts an average of 51% of your home costs. Help deminish the impact on your pocket book.

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  • How is the Humidity in Your Home? | Elk Grove Village, Palos Park
    We have a wide variety of Lennox Home Comfort Systems that will meet any homeowner’s needs and budget. Give Four Seasons a call for a free estimate on either a new humidifier or air conditioner, and start solving your humidity problems today!
  • Springtime Savings| Vernon Hills, Burbank, Oak Park
    As the temperatures begin to rise, you will need the furnace to come on less and less. However, improper amounts of insulation could be what are forcing you to keep the furnace running. The chilly spring air creeps in through the poor insulation barrier, and it can require you to crank up the furnace to stay comfortable. Increasing these levels of insulation could allow you to set the furnace back even further or maybe even allow you to not use the system at all.
  • Warning: Furnace Exhaust Vent| Crest Hill, Tinley Park, Alsip
    Every home in Illinois should have several functional carbon monoxide detectors located on every floor. If your detectors are old or if you do not have any at all, have them replaced or installed immediately. Four Seasons Home Services offers both battery powered and hard wired systems that will help alert your family when levels of CO rise to dangerous levels.

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